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<b>Single room with private bathroom</b>
<b>Single room with balcony</b>
<b>Single room without balcony</b>
<b>Common area</b>
<b>Fully-equipped kitchen</b>
<b>Shared bathroom</b>
<b>Private bathroom</b>
<b>School terrace</b>


These rooms are really quiet as the attic is located at the very top of our building, with no connecting walls to neighbouring buildings, making it quieter than most apartments. In addition, whereas most of the 9 apartments that are located above our school can accommodate 4 to 5 students, in the attic there is a maximum of just 3 people, in 3 single rooms. The 3 single rooms in the attic all have windows with views outside the building, and the room with a private bathroom has “French windows” (glass doors) onto a small balcony.

Single Student Room in our Campus
Student accommodation - single room with balcony
Single Room with Private Bathroom in our Student Accommodation


Meals are not included. Students cook for themselves

Superior Student Accommodation with Food Provided

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We regularly check with our students to see if they are happy in their accommodation. If a student is not happy for any reason, we will do whatever is possible to resolve the problem.

After reading the above information concerning our standard self-catering apartments in Barcelona, you may naturally still have some questions regarding the most suitable type of accommodation for you. It is very important to us that you are placed in accommodation in which you will be happy. So, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!